Fratus Amplification repairs tube amps and other audio gear.


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Bands -

The lovely and talented Leslie Townsend has various sites, one of which is this one

My friend Dennis O'Docharty on lead guitar with videos of the Houston band Lady and the Tramps Video Links to

These are collected samples of amps, stomp boxes and technical articles.

Collin's Lab: Schematic Diagrams
MAKE presents: The Multimeter

The Multimeter
MAKE presents: The Oscilloscope

The Oscilloscope
Ohm's Law, the Basics

Ohms's Law
Solving Ohm's Law & Watt's Law Part 1 - Eeris Fritz

Solving Ohm's Law
MAKE presents: Ohm's Law

Ohm's Law
Transformers, a few basics

Rectifiers, a few basics

Full Wave Rectification with a Diode Bridge

The Diode Bridge
Capacitors, DC and AC Current

One Transistor Amplifier Demo

Transistor Amplifier
Comparing Tubes and Transistors

Tubes and Transistors
Biasing an Transistor Audio Amplifier

Biasing Transistors
Tone Lizard's offbeat humor and deep knowledge will be missed. I wrote him that the web site was offline, but he insisted that it was not. I was willing to host his files, but did not get permission. I do have the files, but not the permission.
Feeling generous? Like what you see here?

Amplifier Comparisons and Demos

Fender Bassman - Early Model

Fender Blues Deluxe Amplifier

Fender Blues Deluxe vs Fender Vibrolux Reverb 1979

Orange Tiny Terror amp Versus Egnater Rebel 20 amplifier shootout w Gibson SG

Marshall Plexi 1987x

Vintage 1972 Marshall

1969 100 Watt Marshall Plexi Demo

Some Classic Sci-Fi Movies

Shocker Internet DriveIn - Radar Men Of The Moon!

Appointment on Mars (1952)

Comedy Corner

The WORST guitar effects pedal Demo EVER! Digitech Whammy V4 with a Gibson SG Guitar on a Fender 75 Amp
My sincere apologies to the guy who made this, as I am sure he wishes he could take it all back... but what is laid is played, as they say in Poker.

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See this great tone capacitor video!
If you ever believed that the type of cap made no difference, watch this! Need parts? I'm trying to make an outlet for parts. Don't call for parts, please. Use my new Amp Parts link.
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Speakers and Power - techy article from Antique Electronics and!
Speakers and Power Explained
Which is the best order to hook up your pedals? See Guitar Effects - Order & Tips
Tone Hunting - the SRV tone
I have to point you to Michael Hoffman, BSEE, at I saw his site years ago but couldn't find it again until recently. His site may have been my inspiration for starting this one. Be sure and give him a visit. His site is really complete and full of good info, suggestions and tips.
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Vintage Tube Amp Repair! Experienced vintage amp repair.

Acoustic, Alembic, Alesis, Allen, Ampeg, Ashdown, B-52, Bad Cat, Behringer, Carvin, Crate, Crown, Diezel, Earth, EBS, Eden, Electro-Voice, Epiphone, ENGL, Fender, Fuchs, Gallien-Krueger, Genz-Benz, Gibson, Hartke, Hiwatt, Hoffmann, Ibanez, Johnson, Kendrick, Korg, Krank, Kustom, Laney, Legend, Line 6, Marshall, Matchless, Mesa/Boogie, Metaltronix, Orange, Peavey, Randall, Rivera, Rocktron, Roland, Silvertone, Soldano, Sound Research, Sovtek, Squier, Sunn, SWR, Tech 21, Top Hat, Trace Elliot, Trainwreck, Traynor, VHT, Vox, Yamaha, Yorkville Sound.

Would like to see:
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You can go crazy with books, just like anything else. The thing that I have learned is that first you need to understand electronics, that is, learn how electrons behave and how to tame them. Then you have to learn the skills and practices that make it safe and effective to work on stuff in general. Then you need to learn about the particular type of product that you are interested in.
You can get a start with my Amp School pages (and soon the upcoming book). Vast array of references, resources, nearly everything! Electronics Hobbyist Web Site GREAT Links! Don't pass this one by! Electronic references, circuits, data, repair info.

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Schematic Sources and Other Electronic Information Links:

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Video: Tone Capacitor Comparison

Good Video... No narration - watch the screen for tips.

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