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Our Mission: Keep the music playing!

Mudbone Amps was started after years of vacuum tube amp repair and custom amp projects. I know what makes a guitar amp sound good, and I know what makes a guitar amp sound bad. I also know what makes guitar amps fail.
We have decided to use these years of experience in electronics to design and build a series of guitar amps and audiophile vacuum tube amps that are good-sounding, reliable, and long-lasting.

I talk daily to a lot of musicians, and I want to build what they want and need. Now, these are not "me, too" amps like you see from some makers. These are not clones of popular amplifiers - most of those came from the examples provided by vacuum tube manufacturers and transformer manufacturers from over 60 years ago using current techniques.

I am building on the same design foundations, with knowledge of research and design improvements over the years in mind.

We are planning to have a few different head-style amps as base units.

Maybe something like the following - The prices are estimates because the market changes so fast:

Watts Tube Output Bias Rectifier # Inputs # Chan # Tones Price Description Pay 1/2 Down Extras Picture?
1W12AU7Single-EndedSelfDiode 11none $454.50
Clean sound on low, then funky when pushed1/2 Down Payment no Picture
4W12AT7Push-PullSelfDiode 113 $571.00
Very clean until pushed hard1/2 Down Payment no Picture
8W6V6Single-EndedSelfDiode 112 $583.00
Top-Boost, Mid-Boost or Mid-Scoop no Picture
18W6V6Push-PullSelfTube or Diode 113 $804.00
Top-Boost, Mid-Boost or Mid-Scoop
Type of Payment
Master Volume Picture
24W6L6Push-PullFixedDiode 113 $788.00
Jazz-clean when low, Rock/Bluesy when pushed
no Picture
45WEL34Push-PullFixedDiode 123 $709.50
One channel vintage clean, the other high-gain mid-boosted1/2 Down Payment no Picture
60W6550Push-PullFixedDiode 123 $791.00
One channel vintage clean, the other overdriven1/2 Down Payment no Picture
There is also a good possibility that I will make some "simply clean" amps, both head and rack amps, that can be used with pedals to make an affordable and reliable rig, for those who already get their signature sound from pedals. These would also make good monitor amps for stage and studio. I can and will make Bass Amps if I get any requests.

When I have some amps built up and ready for sale I will post them here. If you have an amp request, click here on Amp Estimate to get an idea of what it may cost.

BTW, here are some of the amps I have made...
"The Mutt" Mudbone Amp

"RR Special" Custom Amp

"Mr. J" Custom Amp

50-Watt Rack-Mount Amp

Breadboard Amp

5-Watt Practice Amp

Take a look at the Amps and other products that I build.
A new product is an EF86 tube converter, which lets you use quieter tubes in the EF86 position, because most all EF86 tubes I find are terribly microphonic.
Or, if you are thinking of a new amp, look at my Custom Amp Estimate page to get an idea of what a custom amp from me could cost. New formula on 4/15/2015! (Closer to reality, I think.)

For repair services, look at Repair Services for more information.

For your enjoyment and for a chance to see something new, see these Videos. Many are local bands, but there are also some tutorials and demos.

If you are interested in lots of opportunities to learn electronics for audio there is a page for that, as well.

And, finally, there are Links to lots of stuff, from electronics references to stores and parts suppliers. Also, sources of schematics for your equipment.

Call Mike at
9AM-6PM, Monday-Friday.

Coming Soon!

If you have a Vox or another amp that uses the EF86 tube for vintage sound, you know that tube is notoriously microphonic.
Its hard to find even a NOS tube that is not microphonic. I have a solution for that. My new Tube Converter will plug into the EF86 socket and allow a quieter tube, also a pentode with high gain, to be used. I will have the first units available before the end of April.
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