Amp Modules for amp builders!

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New! Modules that help you build your amp or preamp project faster.

Modules are designed so that the parts are accessible from the back of the board. That way you can tweak the values to your heart's content.
The Modules then solder onto the back of a standard 9-pin tube socket and works with 12AX7, 12AT7, 12AU7, ECC81, ECC82, ECC83, ECC803, 7025, and their equivalents.

2-stage Preamp module

This module can be configured as either:
1. Two individual self-biased gain stages
2. One self-biased gain stage and one voltage follower stage
There are separate B+ power and ground for each triode section.

Phase inverter module

The phase inverter module is a standard long-tailed pair design used in many of today's and yesterday's models.
It has connections for negative feedback and a presence control.
Each of these modules is a complete stage as found on many popular tube amp designs. The component values are left up to the builder, but they each come with a component placement diagram and schematic so you can tailor them to your application. The Preamp Module has a ground plane on one side to reduce interference to a minimum.
To build a preamp, all you need is one preamp module, which is two stages.
To build a push-pull output amplifier, you need one or more preamp modules and a phase inverter module.

Shipping is $7.50 to anywhere in the USA. We'll have to figure out the postage if you are somewhere else.
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